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Pollmann quality becomes measurably more measurable
A new dimension: optical 3D measuring technology

In many areas of our industry, conventional tactile measuring machines and gauges are replaced by optical 3D coordinate measuring machines. They capture a larger amount of relevant information about the quality of a component and measure more details while significantly reducing measuring time. Interpretation of results is also easier, further increasing speed and ensuring top-notch product quality. To give an example, Pollmann has been using an ATOS 6-axis robot with a rotary table for the inspection of injection-molded components since 2015.

Daniel Höfenstock is our expert for implementing machines with 3D measuring technology at the Austria location. “We use these machines to generate full 3D ACTUAL coordinates and read out possible discrepancies with CAD data. This measuring data includes all object information. In addition to area discrepancies, the software also collects other detailed information automatically and precisely. Examples are form and position tolerances, trim or hole positions.”

This allows us to quickly and fully measure the dimensional characteristics of even highly complex components, create distortion analyses as needed and make immediate corrections. This greatly reduces the time needed for adjustments in the project phase and for analyses in series production.


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