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MuCell® experts at Pollmann: Hannes Dollensky and Roman Schmidt

Faster with Foam

Physical foaming with inserts – less clamping force and cycle time

Physical foaming of plastic parts has many advantages and it is something we can no longer do without: No shrinkage, no warping, resource conservation, weight reduction and energy efficiency. Pollmann has been using the MuCell® foaming process for door lock housings successfully for more than 12 years and is now taking another step forward in this specific section of modern vehicle construction. Pollmann is combining the advantages of foaming with the insertion of conductor paths.

This will offer a whole slew of benefits especially for the housing of modern door locks. The strict tightness requirements in the door lock area in particular can be met much better by using the MuCell® technology. In addition, Pollmann can reduce the clamping force by 30% and the cycle time by 50%.

Currently, six injection molding machines with 250 to 500 tons using MuCell® technology are in operation at the Pollmann locations in Austria and the Czech Republic.


Microsection of a foamed component incl. conductor paths

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