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Roland Ertl and Hannes Hochleitner work very closely with Pollmann (Dominic Böhm)

Production control system at Pollmann

Man, machine, company – the MES software that knows exactly what we need

The fact that production control works so well at Pollmann is due to a few very special people, and it is now high time to introduce them: From its start in 2006, the Waldviertel company RMTH has been focusing on programming a Manufacturing Execution System (EMS). Why is that so special for Pollmann? The two founders Roland Ertl and Hannes Hochleitner are previous Pollmann employees who were responsible for data acquisition and production control at our company.

Ertl and Hochleitner work very closely with Dominic Böhm who is presently responsible for the production control system at Pollmann. As Böhm explains: “Pollmann profits from this system when it acquires data for all production processes at all locations world-wide. It also makes economic sense because we set up and licensed the software with RMTH exactly for our needs. However, we roll-out the program at the locations on our own and without licensing costs.”

Located in Zwettl, RMTH develops sophisticated modules for special machine design and engineering and offers its nearly 50 customers big-data-based business intelligence solutions and MES software for the manufacturing industry.

Pollmann CEO Herbert Auer firmly believes in RMTH: “For us as an international production company, being able to independently maintain the modules has many advantages because we place great importance on traceability, efficiency analyses and flexibility.” The open, modular structure of the entire system makes it extremely easy to integrate machines of all makes and generations and is open for interfaces, data export and analyses in all areas (OEE, fault cause analyses, etc.)

The RMTH software has no limits. It records the tasks to be performed as well as data and also includes environmental factors (humidity, temperature, etc.) in the analyses so that production can be continuously optimized. At the same time, we are building process know-how.

RMTH MES in brief

• Production-specific data related to energy, environment, QM, etc.

• The system uses machine learning strategies (AI)

• Open, modular, simple interfaces to machines of all brands/generations

• Customer is independent of software provider

• No ongoing licensing fees

• Easy-to-understand interface for more than 500 employees worldwide every day

• Uses only standard software and industrial components

• The source code of individual modules goes to the customer

• System adapts to the customer process, not the other way round

• Additional modules can be installed as needed


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