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Megatrends in the automotive industry offer new opportunities

Where are we heading? The change from conventional combustion engines to hybrid technology adds new components. With pure e-drives, on the other hand, many parts in the engine and gear compartment are no longer necessary. And what will be the opportunities offered by self-driving systems?

We at Pollmann see ourselves at the forefront of megatrends like e-mobility, shared-user mobility and autonomous driving. That is why we launched the ‘Future Technologies’ Task Force with a team of experts from different subject areas. Supported by the FEV Consulting Team, colleagues from Sales, Development, Project Management, Purchasing and Quality are addressing future megatrends in the automotive industry. One focus of the discussion is the question how the current Pollmann component portfolio will be changed by new technologies. What new products will we develop and manufacture for our customers five years from now?

We are driven to recognize trends early on and participate in new product options from the very outset. We will also thoroughly analyze the vehicle components of the future: drivetrain and gear train, electric motor, battery technology and sensor systems. Another question of interest is whether the new products also require new manufacturing technologies and how we can best implement them within the Pollmann manufacturing concepts.

The project started in late 2017. Our Task Force will present its study in the summer of 2018. The results will be agreed with our customers and will be integrated in the Pollmann sales and manufacturing strategies without delay.

We see ourselves as a trendsetter especially in our area of expertise. This requires knowledge of markets and product understanding. It is strategically important for Pollmann that we forge these new paths together with our customers.


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