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Markus Stocklasser, Head of Design Engineering

How time flies! I can hardly believe that it has been eight years since I became head of the Design Engineering department. My job is so exciting for me because my team and I are very closely involved in the activities of our customers, and at the same time I am able to contribute to shaping the technical direction of Pollmann.

It is precisely the combination of these two perspectives that creates added value and makes us valuable to our customers. From this viewpoint, leveraging new opportunities is easy: It requires the combination of Product Design and Tool Design in one office under one management. And add to this fantastic, well-trained and creative colleagues. This approach allows us to find innovative product and process solutions again and again. It keeps us and especially our customers at the top of international competition and enables us to set the standards for the future.

Thanks to the decision to digitally interconnect all Pollmann locations (introduction of the PLM system), we now have a technology platform where we can make our know-how available very specifically at every location within the Pollmann horizon.

Such investments highlight our company's agility. We keep abreast with the times and help set the pace. Our customers can rely on that. That is why we will maintain and further solidify our place at the top going forward.



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