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Kick-off for Pollmann in Medical Technology
Market Introduction of PSR Shoe According to CE Certification

The first models with the successful CE certification DIN EN ISO13485 by TÜV Austria Services were already delivered. The manufacturing of the PSR shoe is the first medical technology product for Pollmann. For this project, Pollmann already received the Lower Austrian Innovation Price in 2009 in the consumer goods and product innovations category. This innovative product developed jointly by Pollmann and S&R Marketing supports the therapy for spasticity treatment of different etiologies.

The idea for this “vibrostimulation shoe” originally came from space flight. Because of weightlessness in space, muscular atrophies and osteoporosis develop. In order to counter this, such a therapy tool was developed by a team of well-known scientists. Only ten years later, Pollmann and Science & Research Marketing began working on the terrestrial implementation. They developed the “PSR Shoe” prototype based on the research results of space flight. Additional medical studies are being prepared along with the ones done already in order to verify the therapy success in other illnesses.

The PSR shoe was adjusted exactly to the optimal activation of the central and peripheral nervous systems according to the scientific results. A rechargeable battery and two electric motors are located in the sole area. In this way, subtle impulses can be applied by an electrically driven pulsating piston in the sole and the receptors in the skin excited. They, in turn, relay the information through the nerve pathways to sensory and motor areas in the brain. Essentially, only the brain regions responsible for tactile sense and movement are activated.

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