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Industrial production in a laboratory environment

Ensuring cleanliness in production processes requires concentration on specifically defined areas. This is the only way that contamination risks can be minimized or excluded. As a qualified tier 2 supplier for the international automotive industry, Pollmann has installed a production area for highly automated equipment in a clean room. In this specific environment, various components are produced which are used in transmission controls, electric steering and start/stop automation.  

Components which have stricter cleanliness requirements are manufactured in special flow boxes inside the clean room. This process is necessary to exclude any contamination. To avoid unwanted particles in the clean room, the room air is cleaned, temperature-controlled and filtered by a special ventilation and air-conditioning system. This ventilation system exchanges the air in the clean room 15 times per hour under controlled humidity conditions which creates an ideal work environment for clean room personnel.

Cleanliness of the material flow is guaranteed by a double door system. Employees enter the clean room through a special personnel air shower. All employees entering the clean room must wear special clean room clothing. The production in the clean room requires strict compliance by clean room personnel, 150 employees were trained in these special production procedures.

Investing in the future
The clean room investment amounting to EUR 500,000 was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with funds from the European Union.

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