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In early April, Robert Pollmann personally delivered five workstations with monitors to Director Wolfgang Bodei and Dipl.-Ing. Nanna Nora Sagbauer

HTL Hollabrunn is building an open shop area for working creatively in a networked environment – Pollmann supports this project with five new workstations

With the new makerspace shop, engineering college (HTL) Hollabrunn is developing a creative work area for students equipped with sophisticated technical equipment like 3D printers, laser cutters or a special embroidery machine.

Director Wolfgang Bodei wants to support students in working creatively in a networked environment by giving them free access to means of production and modern industrial manufacturing methods for single pieces. Everyone will be able to use the makerspace also outside regular school hours. Robert Pollmann is very excited about this idea and supported the makerspace project by donating five new workstations with monitors in early April.

“clever-together” is the name and motto of this makerspace which is located in the facilities of HTL Hollabrunn. It will be open to students and teachers of business college (HAK) Hollabrunn, commercial college (HWL) Hollabrunn, HTL Hollabrunn and also to interested persons and partner companies. Production capabilities and know-how according to the Industry 4.0 standard will be made available across schools for project-based teaching and private developments.

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