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Happy customers make us happy

In our international customer survey 2018 we asked our customers to tell us frankly what they think. The last survey took place in 2015. This is what we’re always most interested in: Where can we become better? Which strengths should we build on? Where can we become more cost-effective? Ultimately, these are questions that are important not only for us. They also affect our customers, because if we find the right answers, our customers can maintain and build on their success. One thing is clear: The satisfaction of our customers is a measure of their loyalty and the foundation for a long-term partnership. You should be a Pollmann customer not because you have to, but because you want to. That is why customer feedback is so important to us.

We sent out 700 questionnaires and asked customer contacts from Purchasing, Logistics, Project Management and Quality for their input.

We have now analyzed the results in great detail. Your feedback on expertise, reliability and friendliness was extremely positive. Compared to 2015, we also improved in terms of our performance versus the competition. However, there are two areas we should definitely work on: We can make our internal project management even more efficient and we want to increase our presence at our customers’ sites. The early involvement of Pollmann know-how has a very positive impact on product quality and cost efficiency especially during component development.

A warm thank you from the entire Pollmann team to all who took the time to answer the survey. Even though the response rate was slightly below that of our 2015 customer survey, we are very happy with the result. Our customers have pointed out opportunities for improvement in the areas of project management and customer service which inspires us to do our outmost to deliver the very best products and services.

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