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The pre-overmolding system of a decoiler for the lead frame (4), a vertical injection molding machine (3), a Pollmann 200kN servo press (2) and a buffer conveyor for trays (1)

Fit through integration
Pre-overmolding and final overmolding – more process stability in production

We are continuously developing our manufacturing processes for the production of complex components and modules in large volumes and adapting them to ever increasing demands. Injection molding machines and connected equipment are increasingly merged into actual production units.

To ensure the most efficient and flexible use of these units, our plant engineers have come up with something special: They are combining conventional pre-overmolding systems with final overmolding systems. This means that metal parts which have to be pre-overmolded in a first step are set up so that they are completely in sync with the final overmolding system.

To prevent interruptions of one system from interfering with the adjacent manufacturing step, the so-called pre-overmolds are collected in trays and transported to the final overmolding system via a buffer conveyor. If the final overmolding system stops, the pre-molding system can continue production on its own. In that case, empty trays are transported to the buffer conveyor, and then they are loaded, removed and stored temporarily.

Conversely, it works the same way. Should the pre-overmolding system stop, the final overmolding system simply continues production. In this case, the trays which are stored temporarily are fed to the buffer conveyor in batches.

All peripheral devices on the new systems are also state-of-the-art und and designed to meet future requirements. Clean production, production system connectivity (industry 4.0), logistics requirements or ergonomics and safety at work are not just catchy phrases, but are practiced every day at Pollmann.

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