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Pollmann North America - a promising future in filters

Pollmann is known in the industry as an expert in overmolding robust and large inserts. With a new filter for Filtran, a German-American company, we have now entered a new field: the overmolding of so-called flexible inserts.

In 2014, we were able to acquire Filtran as a customer for the production of a filter transfer tube. Since then, filter production has become part of the regular Pollmann product program.

The filters are used in modern 10-speed transmissions which are manufactured as a joint venture between Ford and General Motors. In the automatic transmission, the filter takes up the transmission fluid from the bottom of the oil pan and re-circulates it into the transmission. It separates the debris and contaminants from the fluid, providing only clean oil back into the transmission.

The pleated filter design increases the filtration area by 20% and also allows finer filtration without restricting flow. This principle is new to the market and offers substantial potential for growth.

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