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Summer interns in August: Michael Wälzl, Mathias Hofbauer, Kerstin Meller, Melanie Meixner, Manuel Lechner, Simone Brodesser, Christian Sauer, Stefan Bittermann, Daniel Mayrhofer, Lukas Zimmermann and Manuel Malzer

27 summer interns gain work experience at Pollmann

During the months of July, August and September, international automotive supplier Pollmann offer a number of different internships to high School, college and University students. This year, 27 students completed their mandatory internship at Pollmann and gained valuable work experience. As Managing Director Erwin Negeli Points out, "These mandatory internships are a first opportunity to gain Job experience. At the same time, they draw the attention of future professionals and skilled workers to Pollmann as an attractive international employer." Students who complete a mandatory internship quite often become desirable job applicants later on.

Pollmann offers internships in different technical Departments. Internship applicants and also Trainees from Colleges and universities who complete an internship in Connection with their Bachelor's or Master's thesis are always welcome at Pollmann

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