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Expansion - new production building in Karlstein

Knowing that the 1,220 m² production building would be running at full capacity from the very beginning was obviously an additional incentive for the construction managers not to waste any time. The 5th production building started operations at the Karlstein location on schedule in December 2016.

A large-scale customer project for door locks required additional manufacturing space and could not wait. With this new building, Pollmann has created space for additional injection molding and automation equipment. At the same time, we wanted to equip the new machines with a central material drying system to increase process efficiency. A new material storage area, a transformer station capable of peak loads, a separate cooling system for the plant room as well as a high-performance compressed air system help improve production logistics further.

At the Karlstein location, Pollmann specializes in the production of complex mechatronics parts in high volumes. “With our know-how in the development and production of overmolded parts, our customers do not see us primarily as an injection molding company. What sets us apart are the services we offer along the value chain of the product and for the downstream process steps. This includes, for instance, the automated placement of micro-switches, the soldering of diodes or processing steps such as molding, welding, riveting or wobbling,” explains Austria CEO Erwin Negeli who is very pleased with the outstanding performance of the Austria location. Today, Pollmann Austria manufactures its electromechanical precision parts on a total production area of more than 17,500 m².



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