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Pollmann International – a career at Pollmann

In early April, Mr. Matthias Kitzler became Head of the Strategic Purchasing and Materials Management Department  at Pollmann International (PINT). With this appointment, Mr. Kitzler is switching sides so-to-speak, because for the past 11 years he had a successful career in Sales at Pollmann after completing his training in Microelectronics and Toolmaking.

 “As an account executive, I always had a lot of contacts with the Purchasing Departments of our customers, and I can apply a lot of what I learned in my new position. Good negotiation skills are simply a must if you want to succeed in business. But you always have to be fair”, says Matthias Kitzler pointing out an important value in the Pollmann corporate culture. “It is not about pushing down prices, it is about developing intelligent solutions with our supplier partners which bring long-term benefits for both parties.”

Switching careers has been an option for a long time. Matthias Kitzler’s career is also a great example that you don’t necessarily have to change employers to start a new job. After graduating from the Karlstein Technical College for Microelectronics, Matthias Kitzler joined Pollmann in 1999 as a toolmaker. With his special knack for efficient processes, he quickly transferred to the Project Management Department in 2002. In this new role, he made good use of this talent by optimizing customer interfaces. His technical know-how soon made him an important source for mediating between customer value and Pollmann Production. It was only natural that in 2006, Matthias Kitzler moved deeper into Sales at Pollmann. In the past few years, he has been the Key Account Manager for large customers like Continental and BOSCH.

Matthias Kitzler always looks for areas of potential growth. He sees opportunities that can be seized and improved so that everybody benefits. This is also his attitude as a member of the Works Council for Salaried Employees at Pollmann, a position he has held for the past six years. In his private life, he is actively involved in the Volunteer Fire Department and the Municipal Council.

Pollmann International

Pollmann is a family-owned business with five international locations and more than 125 years of experience focusing on the automotive industry. Specializing in the high-volume production of highly complex mechatronics modules for the automotive industry, we are a valuable partner to our customers around the world offering design and development, prototyping, toolmaking, equipment automation as well as large-scale production. With its claim to “Process Innovation and Component Precision”, Pollmann supports its customers in the automotive hotspots in Europe, the Americas and Asia and quickly respond to customer needs with its in-house development and production expertise. Pollmann International has over 1,600 employees and 2016 sales of more than 150 million euros.

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