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micorgraph of foamed insert molding

Downsizing – physical foaming for lighter-weight components

Saving resources, reducing weight and increasing energy efficiency – these are the key factors in modern vehicle manufacturing. That is why Pollmann product development has been involved in the physical foaming of plastic housings for more than 10 years.

Parts with large surfaces (covers) are ideal applications for physical foaming. In addition, this technology has also become very useful in insert molding for components such as door locks.

This method provides Pollmann with another asset in its role as process innovator and is the perfect response to increasing cost pressures and better utilization of resources.

Pollmann Europe uses 250-500 ton injection molding machines with MuCell technology which have proven to be efficient and maintain process stability in series production.

Besides weight reduction, the method has additional advantages such as shorter cycle times and lower closing forces. This makes it possible to downsize the production of components and modules. Smaller injection molding machines can be used which saves energy and reduces equipment costs.

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