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Your feedback is very important for us

In addition to keeping in personal contact with customers, Pollmann regularly conducts customer surveys. In June 2015, we conducted such a survey among our global customers. We sent the survey to a total of 554 persons who represented Purchasing, Development, Project Management, Logistics and Quality.

The response rate of 37% is considered excellent in our industry and reflects our customers' deep loyalty towards Pollmann.

Our sincere thanks to all of you who used this opportunity to share your personal opinions and views about Pollmann and make valuable suggestions. They are very important to us and greatly influence how we will develop our company and processes going forward.

All responses related to customer satisfaction were very positive in the areas covered by the survey, but we will have to work still harder if we want to maintain and improve this record. We gladly accept this challenge. While it is important to make our customers happy, what drives us even more is our desire to help shape their success.

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