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CO2-reducing components for the automotive industry

Reducing CO2 emissions is currently the biggest challenge for automobile manufacturers. The EU has adopted directives which target a limit of 90 g/km for all automobiles over the coming years. From a technical perspective, these requirements can only be met if the overall efficiency of the drive systems (engine, transmission, alternator, fans, steering, etc.) is increased substantially. In addition, loads such as steering, cooling fan, air conditioning compressor, water pump, etc. which are now mostly belt-driven, will have to be switched to electric power.

The following CO2-reducing products are already being produced by Pollmann International:

  • EMC filters for hybrid drives
  • Components for electric steering (for OEMs, VW, BMW, and Audi)

Components for electric steering

Three components for the control unit of the VW Group MLBevo (modular longitudinal construction set), where the drive train is mounted longitudinally to the direction of travel, are currently in the industrial production phase at Pollmann Austria. Pollmann International can modify and use these components at its other production sites (China, US). This is a significant competitive advantage for our customer.  In addition, functionality has been improved compared to the previous product.

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