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Clean as matter of principle:
Component cleanliness in practice

While technical cleanliness for CNC parts has been tried and used for years, this is a relatively new topic when it comes to metal-plastic composite parts. But it is precisely the automotive industry with its ever more complex and powerful components which has to focus increasingly on technical cleanliness in all production processes involving functionally relevant parts. With its own laboratory for qualifying component cleanliness, Pollmann has already gone a step further.

A clean concept based on experience
Careful testing by Pollmann’s laboratory reveals that supposedly clean processes have a considerable potential for contamination. This affects particularly production processes where stamped parts are inserted in overmolding tools. Abrasions and the formation of shavings during bending and separation must be largely avoided by suitable surface coatings of the forming tools. Strict adherence to predefined bending radii, the use of stamping oils and the optimized layout of sealing edges during subsequent overmolding of components are also essential features of suitable strategies for in-production cleanliness.

Identifying and combining suitable cleaning procedures
Employee training is very important. This training should be based on access to available know-how regarding proper use of field-tested and proven cleanliness procedures. Another factor has an even greater effect: The interconnection of many different procedures can provide a maximum of cleanliness. The systematic use of - mostly rather simple - tools increases the effectiveness of these procedures. Once all possible procedures have been gathered, the Pollmann laboratory for component cleanliness checks their suitability for specific applications and verifies its findings through test and measurement series.

Established industrial cleaning methods are only of limited suitability
A broad spectrum of industrial solutions for the final cleaning of parts is available on the market. However, in most cases, they are intended for cleaning metal parts with liquids or by mechanical means. The subsequent heat drying is no problem for these parts. However, the majority of products made of composite or plastic materials, cannot undergo final cleaning at the end of the production process with methods which are used in other material groups.

Pollmann accepts the challenge of developing its own innovative strategy for clean production. We work in our own testing laboratory and actively develop suitable concepts and instruments for process-integrated component cleanliness. This approach is driven by our desire to align ourselves closely with our customers and ensure optimum compliance with customer specifications in the area of required component cleanliness.

Herbert Auer
Christian Schreiberhuber

Management changes for new automotive markets
Dynamic team for new automotive markets

With Herbert Auer as International Managing Director of the Pollmann Group and Christian Schreiberhuber as Managing Director of Finance and Controlling, two automotive experts will move into leadership positions at Pollmann International and strengthen the family-owned, global company.

The trend in the automotive industry is undergoing a reversal. Autonomous driving and alternative drive technologies bring new challenges to the industry and new opportunities for Pollmann. As company owners Markus and Robert Pollmann are happy to point out: "Our team has the technical creativity and process expertise that our customers need in a changing market. This will enable the new leadership to open up new opportunities."

Christian Schreiberhuber from Salzburg started his new position (CFO PINT) on June 1. He held international business management functions for many years in well-known companies such as BWT, VaTech and Gruber & Kaja.

Herbert Auer will become Managing Director of the Pollmann Group (CEO PINT) on October 1. Herbert Auer joined Pollmann Austria in 2003. He has an excellent track record in business development and was instrumental in setting up Pollmann China. He has been living in China with his family for nine years and, together with Ewald Mischke, successfully heads the Chinese location which has currently 430 employees.

Herbert Auer and Christian Schreiberhuber will be in charge of international strategic alignment, the organizational development of the Pollmann Corporate Group and coordination of all locations in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Erwin Negeli was appointed second CEO of Pollmann Czech Republic together with Vaclav Kršík, effective May 1. He will now coordinate the Austria and Czech Republic locations. He sees interesting synergies for strengthening Pollmann's competitive position in Europe even further.

With Herbert Auer's return to Austria, Ewald Mischke will be the sole CEO of Pollmann China. Starting July 1, he will be assisted by Alexander Schüssler who will assume the function of Business Administration Manager.

Christian Gaugusch, Business Managing Director of Pollmann Austria GmbH, would like to pursue new professional challenges and will leave the company at the end of October. As the owners state: "We thank him for his many contributions, exemplary service and loyalty over the past 16 years."

In line with long-term planning, Tassilo Gruber will hand over his position as International Managing Director to Herbert Auer, but will continue to be available to owners Markus and Robert Pollmann in an advisory capacity.

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