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China Business Talk in Vienna

On February 14, 2019, 120 guests met at the Raiffeisenhaus in Vienna to take a close look at economic powerhouse China. Company representatives and experts including Stefan Pollmann exchanged personal impressions and outlooks for the future.

After words of welcome by State Minister of Economic Affairs Dr. Petra Bohuslav, Sonja Zwazl (WKNÖ President), Mag. Reinhard Karl (Deputy Chairman-Mgmt. Board RLB NÖ-Vienna) and Thomas Salzer (IV-NÖ President), the evening was moderated by Dr. Gabriele Forgues (Managing Director ecoplus International).

A vivid introduction to the “Middle Kingdom” by Dr. Raimund Löw (previously ORF correspondent in Beijing, foreign relations expert) was followed by a lively panel discussion with representatives from business who talked about their experience in China and outlined their views of the future. Panel members MMag. Dietmar Schwank (Regional Manager for Foreign Trade Asia/Oceania), Embassy Counselor Gao Xingle, Dr. Werner Reicher (Authorized Officer, Umdasch Group AG), Manfred Wildauer, MSc (Country Group Manager Kotányi) and Johann Marihart (Chairman of the Board Agrana) were joined by Stefan Pollmann, BA who represented Pollmann. Commenting on the company’s current expansion projects in China and Austria, Stefan Pollmann said: “It is of course very good to see that business in China is booming, but I am at least equally happy about the fact that we are also investing in Lower Austria, which shows our deep commitment to the Waldviertel region.”

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