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Robert Pollmann, DI (FH) Herbert Auer (CEO Pollmann International), Erwin Negeli (CEO Pollmann Austria), Rainer Hobiger (Pollmann), Peter Ulrich (CEO Leyrer & Graf), Markus Pollmann

Breaking ground

(April 2016)
The production area at Pollmann Austria is at full capacity. The new building currently under construction will add 13,000 square feet of production space.

A major part of this new space has already been allocated to a large-scale door lock project. “We are very excited", says Pollmann Austria CEO Erwin Negeli, “because it shows that we have established an excellent reputation in the door lock segment not only with our existing customers. We were also able to win a new customer for a highly sophisticated project.”

At the Karlstein location, Pollmann specializes in the production of complex metal-plastic composites in high volumes and has extensive know-how in the development and production of overmolded parts. “The important point is that in this segment, we are not simply a manufacturer of injection molding parts, but are also able to offer down-stream processes along the value-added chain of the product. This includes the automated placement of micro switches, the soldering of diodes or processing steps such as molding, welding or riveting”, Negeli explains.

The components and assemblies which Pollmann produces in large quantities for its automotive customers are becoming more and more sophisticated. At the same time, the requirements for manufacturing processes continue to increase and production machines are becoming more complex. More and more injection molding machines and downstream equipment are merged into production units which require additional space. The peripherals for the new equipment are also state-of-the-art and designed to accommodate future production requirements. This applies to cleanliness requirements, production system connectivity (Internet of Things), logistics requirements and above all ergonomics and safety at work.

In addition to the automated systems, the central plastic pellet pre-dryer will be expanded to load the new injection molding machines, and separate compressed air and energy supply systems will be installed. The cooling system for the new production area is integrated into the energy recovery system. These and many other initiatives to achieve even higher energy efficiency are in conformance with ISO 14001 and will support sustainable production at Pollmann.

The new production building will start operating 10 to 12 months after construction has begun. Starting in early 2017, Pollmann Austria will have a total of nearly 190,000 square feet for manufacturing its electromechanical precision components. Once all construction and the installation of all systems and equipment have been completed in 2019, an additional 25-30 employees will be needed (24 hour/7 day shift model). With their decision in favor of expanding the Karlstein location, both management and owners are confirming their deep commitment to this location as well as social responsibility for the Northern Waldviertel region and its people.

Promising perspectives: Pollmann, the market leader in sunroof mechanisms, has an additional focus in the area of vehicle electrification for hybrid drives. This application requires modules in the high power range which will play an even more important role going forward. Pollmann is already producing a large number of components for the production of increasingly electrified vehicles. The product portfolio includes components for electric steering, air vent controls, automatic start-stop functions, electronic stability controls and fuel pumps as well as sensors and actuators for air volume management.

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