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Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as "website operator")

1. Use of the site
All contents of our website are protected by copyright. We explicitly permit the use of all data for private, non-commercial use. In the event of reproduction, explicit reference must be made to the copyright and ownership rights of the website operator. Contents must not be altered in any way and must not be used or shown on other Internet sites or networked computers without written consent. Any use for public or commercial purposes requires the written consent of the website operator. Violation of these terms and conditions shall constitute an obligation to immediate destruction of all contents printed out, copied, downloaded or acquired in any other way. The website operator reserves the right to assert farther reaching claims for damages.

2. Internet sites and links
Websites also contain cross-references (links) to websites of other providers. The website operator is not responsible for third-party contents reached via any such cross-references (links). The third-party offer has been checked for unlawful contents at the time of the initial linking. Only if we ascertain or have our attention drawn to the fact that an offer contains unlawful contents will this cross-reference (link) be removed provided this is technically possible or reasonable. We use browser "cookies" and server "session IDs" on our websites so as to facilitate use of our online offers by the user. Our "cookies" and "session IDs" do not contain person-specific information concerning the users of our websites. E-mail address, name and address remain anonymous.

3. Upload & Download
The website operator provides the users of the website with files for downloading. This data is provided exclusively for test purposes. All files provided for download have been tested with the respectively latest virus checking programs of a recognized virus checking company and were free from viruses at the time of provision. Any further distribution of the files provided by the website operator on the Internet or in other media is strictly forbidden and is only possible with the written consent of the website operator.

4. Warranty
The information contained on our Internet sites is prepared with the greatest of care. Nevertheless, the website operator assumes no liability for its completeness or suitability for specific purposes. Use of the contents provided on the Internet sites is at the sole risk of the user. The website operator shall assume no liability whatsoever for any damage to or failure of devices. If the website operator publishes prices or price lists on the sites, these prices shall be without engagement. No responsibility can be accepted for print errors and other errors.

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