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The Pollmann Company and its employees work to prevent environmental burdens and observe all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Environmental responsibility for the preservation of a sound environment as livelihood for our society and future generations is an important parameter of the Pollmann concept. Part of the Pollmann Company philosophy is to reconcile ecology and economy and to promote environmental protection in all departments.

The continuous improvement of environmental performance ist the goal: Pollmann regularly records all environmental effects causd by the company and is committed to consistently reduce existing environmental stresses in line with the commercial opportunities. For this purpose, environmental objectives are defined based on which specific improvement projects are developed. The effectiveness of these measures is routinely monitored.

Environmental Objective

Reduce Environmental Impact
Pollmann focuses on environmentally sound production and uses raw materials and energy sparingly. Commercially meaningful ways of environmentally sound recycling or disposal are sought for inevitable emissions and waste. During the planning of new production facilities, manufacturing processes are designed as efficiently as possible with regard to environmental impact.

Employees with Higher Environmental Awareness
Environmental protection starts with Pollmann employees because environmental protection is the task of each individual. Personal responsibility is promoted with education and awareness training in all areas of company environmental protection. Incentives are created for suitable suggestions for improvement from all employees.

Ensure Legal Compliance
Compliance with effective environmental requirements such as laws, provisions, board notifications and other regulations is a given for Pollmann.

Update Contingency Plans
Comprehensive contingency plans guarantee an optimal ability to act in case of emergency. Appropriate measures for prevention of failures and reduction of fault-related environmental impact are put into place for the manufacturing processes. Appropriate authorities approve these contingency plans.

Neighbor Relations
Pollmann relies on dialog with the public. An open dialog about relevant environment-related topics concerning the company is conducted with neighbors, authorities and all interested parties.

Environmental Management System
Pollmann promotes environmental protection by suppliers and customers as well. Environmental activities and their organization have been consistently refined to create a certified environmental management system according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 14001 and integrated into the existing quality management system in 2004. For Pollmann, environmental protection is a joint task with suppliers and clients. Environmentally sound methods and technologies are preferred from suppliers. Fostering good supplier relationships ensures that their operations, products and services contribute to a continuous improvement of environmental performance as well. Therefore, the use of environmental management systems is recommended for them.

Environmental Awards

Helios 2014

├ľkomanagement N├ľ 2013

Klima Activ 2013

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