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New opportunities through process innovation

The so-called comfort opening for tailgates as we know it from the premium segment is also becoming standard in many mid-range vehicles. Modifying and improving the required tailgate drive systems is an interesting development for Pollmann. For the second-generation drives, the heavy steel tubes are replaced by our plastic tubes made of PA for the spindle drives. For Pollmann customers, this means considerable savings in component costs.

That is also the reason why Pollmann is producing such spindle drive covers in ever greater numbers. We currently have orders in place for 100 million units. We are producing these extremely thin-walled telescopic tube elements on five manufacturing equipment systems at the Pollmann locations in China and the Czech Republic. We increased the flow path/wall thickness ratio for these parts to a record 280 : 1. This requires both extremely precise tools and a perfectly aligned manufacturing process. With its glass fiber reinforcement, the technically sophisticated polyamide material has a strength which replaces conventional steel tube covers.

This masterpiece of process innovation is made possible through the collaborative efforts of people who are determined to make things happen - Pollmann engineers working together with customers and machine suppliers. We have had great confidence in the development of this part since the early pre-project phase. With software-based simulations involving the material, the selection of machines and engineering to ensure a stable manufacturing process, we were able to set the course for success early on.


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