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Next Generation
Leadframes without pre-overmolding

In many applications, leadframes are integrated in components so that they can perform the function of carrying signals or providing power to switches or engines. The common approach is to make a “pre-overmold” and place it automatically in the injection molding tool. This is a successful process which has been used millions of times and offers high stability and proven technology. The increasingly tight available space places stricter requirements on component cleanliness, and the density of parts, most of them similar to housings, requires new methods to meet these requirements.

Leadframes without pre-overmolding
The advantages of this method are the compact design and higher density to the outside. Omitting the pre-overmolding process also reduces costs. The challenges Pollmann faces are, for one, the even greater precision of the leadframes to be overmolded, and secondly, the automation concepts which have to ensure precise positioning. Pollmann is already using this technology for projects in series production. Close cooperation with customers and the use of mold-flow analyses ensure from the outset an optimum layout of components for their specific requirements.


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